Please pre-filter the displayed configurations in the language selection dialog by the processor_architecture_filter

Feb 3, 2011 at 12:35 PM


let's say I have a setup which consists of 4 MSIs:

  1. One for german and x64
  2. One for german and x86
  3. One for english and x64
  4. One for english and x86

I only want one dotnetinstaller bootstrapper to cover all 4 MSIs.

Depending on the selected language and the underlying processor architecture I want to load the correct MSI.

So I define 4 configurations in dotnetinstaller and set the respective processor_architecture_filter either to x86 or x64 and the language either to german or to english.

The problem now is that in the language selection dialog I have the choice of 4 entries. 2 times german and 2 times english.

The reason for that is that the selection is not filtered by the underlying processor_architecture_filter of these configurations.

I wish this was possible as I now have to distribute 2 different dotnetinstaller bootstrappers - one for x64 and one for x86 - which is not really convenient.


Besides that I really love your bootstrapper and appreciate your hard work.

Best Regards,


Feb 3, 2011 at 1:36 PM

This just looks like a bug. Can you please create an issue? (If you want to fix it, that'd be awesome). Thx.