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Released: Sep 30, 2009
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Release Notes

Build 1.7.29433.0.


- Added OS filter identifiers for Windows Vista SP2, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7.
- Extended registry search semantics within multi-strings. You can now specify a comma-delimited list of values to match exactly all values, contains to match a subset of values and you can no longer specify a broken version match.
- Added support for nested reference configurations. Each downloaded configuration file is checked for more reference configurations. There's a nested depth limit of 10 to avoid circular references.
- Added /DisplayCab command line option to dotNetInstaller.exe that displays the embedded CAB file contents when available.
- Added /DisplayConfig command line option to dotNetInstaller.exe that displays configurations and components.
- Added support for relative paths in MSI components by resolving paths before execution.
- Added version lt, le, gt, ge and eq functions to installed check file and registry operators.
- Added a product installed check that queries the MSI system database for a product by it's product id or upgrade code and is capable of comparing product properties, such as VersionString.
- Added support for os and processor architecture filters in web configurations.
- Added an "msu" component type, similar to "msi" for Windows Update (.msu) packages.
- InstallerEditor and InstallerLinker no longer require elevation on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
- Unicows.dll is embedded and is no longer required for Windows 95 and 98 installers. You can now distribute a single packaged setup for Windows 95 and 98 platforms.
- Added a directory exists installed check.
- Added /ConfigFile <path\configuration.xml> option to the bootstrapper to specify an alternate configuration file.
- Added /? or /help to the bootstrapper that shows the command line syntax and options.
- Added expansion of registry variables to configuration nodes.
- Added expansion of environment variables to configuration nodes.
- All nodes in the configuration file, except boolean and strongly typed enumerations, accept path, environment and registry variables.
- Added an optional user language selection dialog to the bootstrapper. Users can pick amongst the languages available instead of choosing their locale or the one of the operating system.
- Added /Manifest "manifest file" to the installer linker to specify a replacement manifest. This enables building bootstrappers that don't elevate on Windows Vista, Server and Windows 7.
- Added auto_start setup configuration parameter that defines whether to automatically start installation in full UI mode.
- Added auto_continue_on_reboot setup configuration parameter that defines whether to auto-start installation after a reboot was forced during the installation.
- Added reboot_cmd setup configuration parameter that defines additional command-line parameters to include in the reboot command-line.
- Added wait_for_complete_command that defines whether to detach the complete command or to execute it synchronously and wait for the program to finish. Default is true.


- Refactored the dotNetInstaller bootstrapper into a dotNetInstallerLib C++ library and a GUI driver.
- Extended unit test coverage across C# and C++ bootstrapper and support tools libraries.


- Bug: wrong error when missing configuration.xml (invalid schema version vs. missing configuration.xml).
- Bug: reference (web) configurations broken in the editor.
- Bug: fixed semantics of autocloseifinstalled. The bootstrapper will close after any successful installation session when this option is set.
- Bug: silent install failures pop up error dialogs that don't auto-close.
- Bug: EmbedFolder components broken when (re)edited with InstallerEditor.

Reviews for this release

Fantastic! I used it for my little shareware and it worked very well.( Although it does have some issues )
by imgen on Jan 18, 2010 at 4:14 AM
After searching for a bootstrapper solution for a few weeks, I stumbled on dotNetInstaller by accident. It was able to solve my chained MSI issue within minutes, which I was unable to using numerous other solutions. There are a few minor issues with this program, but nothing that will prevent me from using it.
by gollumullog on Dec 17, 2009 at 5:44 PM
Exceeded my expectations! Thank you! :)
by icnocop on Dec 12, 2009 at 12:41 AM