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Released: Oct 16, 2009
Updated: Jan 24, 2010 by dblock
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Application dotNetInstaller.1.8.zip
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Release Notes

Build 1.8.7120.0

- Added support for uninstall sequences with new command-line /i and /x switches, supportsinstall, supportsuninstall global options in configurations, components and controls. Added extended uninstall parameters in cmd and msi components.
- Added user-defined form controls and input for labels, checkboxes, edit boxes, hyperlinks and file/directory browse controls.
- Added user-defined splash screen embedded with the InstallerLinker /Splash option and an optional /nosplash switch to dotNetInstaller.
- dotNetInstaller: Added /controlArgs "control id":"value" to dotNetInstaller.exe command line to override initial control values.
- Added returncodes_reboot to cmd components that specify which return code(s) should be treated as a required reboot.
- Added returncodes_success to cmd components that specify a list of comma-separated return code(s) that should be treated as success. Specify "all" to create a component that doesn't fail based on its return code and specify !value to treat all return codes except a single value as success.
- Added splash and manifest input to InstallerEditor's Make Exe dialog.
- Added support for a license agreement checkbox user-defined control.
- Added dialog_message_copying that displays instead of dialog_message_downloading when the file is copied from sourcepath.
- The dialog_message_downloading and dialog_message_copying replace dialog_message in download dialogs depending on whether a download or a local copy is required.
- Added component id and renamed description to display_name.
- ComponentArgs now accepts *, id or display_name, cumulative in this order.
- Added clear_cache to download components. When true, attempts to clear the local internet cache entry for the url to download.
- Cabbing now embeds files that belong in components in separate resource streams, extracting only those files that are necessary for installation of a particular component. Embedded files outside of components continue to always be extracted.
- Changed default of /EmbedResourceSize <size in bytes> from 32MB to 128MB.
- CAB extraction uses the memory-mapped resource streams and no longer writes temporary files to extract embedded components. This significantly reduces disk space requirements and improves extraction speed.
- InstallerEditor now accepts a configuration file on the command-line and opens it. You can also pass /? for command-line usage and success/failure return codes are documented.

- Bug: error creating temporary directory on Windows 95/98/ME.
- Bug: combining #PATH variables produces inconsistent backslash count for different path types, which causes component execution failure on Windows 95/98/ME.
- Bug: component lcid filters broken.
- Bug: product installed checks may produce Error in ::IIDFromString: The parameter is incorrect.
- Bug: adjusting X or Y coordinates of UI widgets doesn't preserve widget's width or height.
- Bug: embedfolder nested under a component broken.
- Bug: download dialog will no longer appear when neither download nor copy is not required.
- Bug: file and registry (DWORD and REG_SZ) version checks version_lt, version_gt, version_le and version_ge are broken: their results are inverted; if you have been using these checks, review the documentation and adjust the check conditions.

- Added 3rd party licensing information to documentation.

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