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Dotnetinstaller: Customization of Installation failed messages

Dear All, I have 2 msis as part of my 2.0 bootstrapper. Whenever the installation fails for whatever reason, I am gettting "Failed to install "component"". I want to show the exact error message...

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After uninstall of old version, the new installer appears in the back

I have the following issue with a program i'm working on. When i'm making an upgrade from the previous version of the program to the current one, after the installer uninstalled the old version, th...

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Windows Server 8 support

Add Windows Server 8 support. See the discussion:

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htmlInstaller does not populate user-defined edit values

When using an <input type="text"> element in an HTML page, htmlInstaller does not populate values so they can be used by components. The sample configuration.xml has an element <input type="text"...

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UI Level: Basic is Automatically Rebooting Regardless

I am using dotNetInstaller to install prerequisites for an MSI using WiX. It's a great tool and it is doing exactly what I want it to do. The only problem is when I set it up at UI Level: Basic an...

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UI displayed briefly if auto_close_if_install set

The UI will be displayed briefly if auto_close_if_install=true and there isn't anything to install. This is due to an incorrect fix to issue 8143 - "Full UI not displayed after reboot". The code to...

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Run key not deleted on restart

If dni is not set to run elevated, it does a reboot and then detects all installs are complete it does not delete the Run key and will keep restarting the install on every restart. This happens bec...

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Replace CreateProcess with ShellExecuteEx

One of the issues with CreateProcess is that it does not handle UAC properly; if you try to run an exe that has requiresAdministrator level in its manifest, CreateProcess will just fail. Using She...

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"Illegal characters in path" when running installLinker.exe

Hi, When execute the following command: "Z:\Code\myapp\ie_addon\src\Installer\Tools\dotNetInstaller 2.0\installerLinker.exe" /Output:"Z:\Code\myapp\ie_addon\src\Installer\bin\Debug\myappSetup.exe...

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DNI fails to run if registry entry exists in the RUN key

DNI attempts to open the registry RUN key just after launch. The registry value it is trying to open is the name of the DNI file. For example: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentV...

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